How to Measure Your Band

Measuring Your Band

Watch band widths are measured in millimeters. Most leather watch bands are marked with the size. As shown in the image below.

If your band has this number that is the width of the band you need for your watch.

If your band does not have this number then to determine the width of the watch band, you will need to measure the distance between the lugs (Lugs are where your band attaches to your watch). As shown below.

You can use a ruler with either inches or millimeters to measure. If you are using inches it will need to be converted to millimeters.

Note: When measuring please measure the watch between the lugs. Not the band. Watch bands can shrink or a wrong size could have been installed the last time.

The chart below will help you convert inches to millimeters.

Inches Millimeters
Distance between
lugs in inches:
Millimeter (mm)
1 11/64 30mm
1 7/64 28mm
1″ 26mm
15/16 24mm
7/8 22mm
13/16 21mm
25/32 20mm
3/4 19mm
11/16 18mm
21/32 17mm
5/8 16mm
19/32 15mm
9/16 14mm
1/2 13mm
15/32 12mm
7/16 11mm
3/8 10mm
11/32 9mm
5/16 8mm
15/64 6mm
The length of watch bands are measured in inches.

To determine the length of the watch band you need, measure the leather portion of your band.

Note: Do not include the buckle in your measurement.

The tables below are approximate lengths for the bands from each manufacturer.

WBHQ Watch Band Lengths
Mens Regular 7.56 inches
Mens Long 8.0 inches
Mens XL 9.0 inches
Mens Short 7.125 inches
Ladies Regular 6.5 inches
Ladies Long 7.375 inches
Ladies Short 6.25 inches

Note: The length you measure is approximately the size you need. For instance if you measure 7.4″ you will need a band that is around that length so a 7.5″ to 7.7″ band will work.